We machine and heat treat many different types of industrial hubs and splined shafts.
Our Industrial torque converters are rebuilt to OEM spec.
Caterpillar 769 C Rock Trucks
R/R units, non-stock item, parts available for these units.

  We are re-manufacturing all types of industrial torque converter, seal welded metal bodies, aluminum bodies and bolt-up. Most of the parts we stock but we require your core.

Industrial line of torque converters require your core. This assures our customer of getting the correct T/C and it saves all of us time and dollars.

We rebuild all types of Skidders, John Deere etc... 640G...648G and other brand units. Seal welded and Bolt-up type units. These units are R/R only.
We rebuild these 8V-92 fan clutches. Also an assortment of diesel injector pumps. We do require a good core for these units.
We offer a wide range of performance torque converters. They are built with the heavy duty body, hub, heavy load bearing and furnace brazed fins.

Our performance torque converters are made with heavy duty bearing, hubs and billet backs. Our range of stalls: 2000-5500. We require specs on your engines and ratios. Each s/s built to your car.

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